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July – August 2021

Baylor NCAA Infractions Case Proves Yet Again that the NCAA Fails at its Basic Mission

By: B. David Ridpath For Journal of NCAA Compliance. On August 11, 2021, the NCAA Committee on Infractions (COI) concluded a five-year investigation in to Baylor University concerning. This particular[…]

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Alfred State Is Very Upset over NCAA Division III Committee on Infractions Decision

The NCAA Division III Committee on Infractions (COI) decision to sanction Alfred State University after it self-reported a violation involving its track & field program and its former head coach[…]

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Garlock Brings Sustained Excellence to Role as Leader of Utah State’s Compliance Office

Entering his 15th year in the Utah State Athletic Department, Jake Garlock exemplifies the term “sustained excellence.” That successful journey was culminated in December of 2019 when he was promoted[…]

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